Cousins vs. Siblings

Purpose Mom: I am going to tell you why brothers and sisters are more fun than cousins. Nikki: I am trying to tell you why cousins are more fun than brothers and sisters. Opinion Mom: My favorite family member is my brother, Chad, because he is my most fun family member. Nikki: I strongly believe that cousins are way better than brothers and sisters. Reasons & Examples Mom: Brothers and sisters live with you and are always there to play. For example, when I was…

Dog VS. Fishing Cat By Nikki and Mia

Purpose: Mia: I want to convince you that Fishing Cats are the best. Nikki: I want to convince you that dogs are the best animal.    Mia’s Reason: Fishing cats have webbed toes so they can swim in the water great. Example: When the fishing cat gets in the water, they spread there toes to activate the webbed toes. Nikki’s Reason: I think that dogs are better then fishing cats because you can have a dog as a pet. Example: I used to have a…

The Super Bowl 50

My prediction  is that the Broncos are going to win the Super Bowl. Everyone knows that my favorite football team is the Denver Broncos. I love wearing my jersey. I’m going to wear it on the day of the Super Bowl. It might be Peyton Manning’s last year, so I really hope we win. I can’t wait to watch the Super Bowl!

My Grandma’s House

I love to go to my grandma’s house because it is a fun place for parties. It is big enough for my whole family to come over, like my aunts, uncles, and cousins. Tommy and I have a room there that we share. We have our own beds, lots of toys, and two big stuffed animals. Tommy has a lizard, and I have a giraffe. We also like to sit on my grandma’s bed to watch Scooby-doo. One time, I saw a bat in the…

Miss Mary Is Scary

I just finished Miss Mary is Scary. The author is Dan Gutman. My favorite character is A.J. because he is the fun character in the story. He twists words to change the meanings. There is a mean girl named Andrea in A.J.’s class. She is so nosey. BTW – Miss Mary is not scary.

My New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! I will be telling you my resolutions. They are: 1. Be nice to friends and family. 2. Read 90 minutes a day. 3.Listen more to my parents. 4.Clean my room. 5.Clean my kitchen. 6. Do more homework. 7. Help my mom and dad. 8.Spend more time with my brother. 9. Make new friends at school. 10. Spend more time with my mom and my dad. 11. Do more blog posts. 12. Help my friends when they need me.  


  Kindness is a good thing. I have shown kindness before. I have fun when I show kindness. I have filled up someone’s bucket when they had a bad day, and I fixed it. Today, I showed kindness by picking up someone’s Christmas decorations that had fallen down.